CAFP Ryerson

CAFP Ryerson is part of a national association that provides opportunities for professionals and students to network, mentor and develop in the foodservice field.

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2016 – 2017 CAFP Team

Co-President – Charles-Albert Asselin
Co-President – Jeroselle Bulanadi
Admin VP – Catherine Pooman
Advisor – Karim Mohammadi
Events VP – Anna Shevchenko
Events Director – Jennifer Chang
Events Committee – Zaman Ishaad & Sara Mewawala
Communications Co-VP – Madison Darragh
Communications Co-VP – Falon Lee
Communications Committee – Calla Fong
Fundraising VP – Daniella Wegiel
Fundraising Director – Jacqueline Silver
Fundraising  Committee – Tamara Huynh & Geithayini Kirupaharan
Student Engagement VP/HTM Liaison- Jessie Wong
Nutrition Liaison – Krish Thayalan

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