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CAFP Ryerson is part of a national association that provides opportunities for professionals and students to network, mentor and develop in the foodservice field.

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Recap: Chocolate Tour of 2016

Last Friday night Ryerson University’s student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) hosted a chocolate tour around the city of Toronto. The tour was led by a leader from Tasty Tours Toronto, a company that conducts food tours around the city. The event provided students a chance to learn about where to go for the best chocolate in the Six.
Students had the pleasure of meeting Chef Kaya Ogruce, winner of Chopped Canada in 2016 at one of their many stops. He came to Canada from Turkey to study chemical engineering and now is a successful chef and owner of Death in Venice Gelato Co.

Kristie Jang, event photographer and attendee, said “Kaya taught us that if you like something, just go for it. Even if it is not what you went to school for often there are ways to bridge careers. Even he finds ways to use engineering in his current culinary career.” Likewise, Jeroselle Bulanadi, Co-President of CAFP Ryerson and event attendee said: “I didn’t realize how many kinds of chocolate there are. It was interesting to get a chance to try them all and learn how they’re all made.”
A little bit of life advice and a little bit of tasting fun- the tour was a fun-filled afternoon of learning and exploring. Students left with smiles on their faces and bellies full of chocolate! Check out the Youtube video of the event here.

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Grandmother’s Bake Shoppe Factory Tour


On Wednesday, February 6, eight Ryerson Public Health and Nutrition students learned about a staple of Canadian cuisine – butter tarts!

Michelle and George of Grandmother’s Bake Shoppe generously showed us around their small factory in North Toronto, which produces approximately 2000 dozen butter tarts daily. The factory produces large, medium and mini tarts, including lemon tarts, apple tarts, and plain, raisin, pecan and coconut butter tarts.

The smell of butter tarts wafted through our noses as we experienced the full production process – from mixing ingredients for dough and fillings, the “fingering” of the tarts to produce a homemade crust, baking in huge ovens, packaging, and of course – eating the final product! The company was founded by two sisters in Sudbury, who produced tarts for 20 years before retiring. Though the company was purchased and relocated to Toronto, today the factory proudly uses the same recipe and processes as the sisters had used originally. Grandmother’s Bake Shoppe tarts are shipped frozen, and sold mostly in gas stations and grab-and-go locations, though you may soon find them in larger retail outlets.


We would like to extend our thanks to Grandmother’s Bake Shoppe for allowing us to see their facility and experience the production of their delicious tarts from start to finish. Michelle and George’s extensive knowledge of the foodservice industry helped us to learn about the intricacies and challenges of production, and the innovative ways to create homemade tarts with large production.

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Sysco Tour

This past Friday November 16th Ryerson CAFP members joined The George Brown College CAFP Branch’s trip to the Sysco warehouse. Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home. Its family of products also includes equipment and suppliers for the food service and hospitality industries.

In 1977 Sysco surpassed its competitors to become the leading supplier to “meals-prepared-away-from-home” operations in North America. Today, Sysco has sales and service relationships with approximately 400,000 customers and remains committed to helping them succeed in the foodservice industry and satisfy consumers’ appetites. Sysco operates from 170-plus locations throughout North America. Their product lines are as diverse as the 50,000 employees who support its daily operations. They include not only the ingredients needed to prepare meals, but also numerous ancillary preparation and serving items.

The tour was extremely informative for CAFP members as they were given a view into the exciting world of food service operations. Students enjoyed learning about food safety in a large scale facility and the importance of HACCP in a large scale operation.

Check out some photos from the tour:

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CAFP Dinner Kick-off: Cirillo’s Culinary Academy Dinner

On October 1st CAFP members had the privilege of attending this season’s kick-off dinner at the beautiful Cirillo’s Culinary Academy.

After 25 years of culinary experience in classical European and innovative Canadian cuisine, Chef Cirillo followed his dream of opening his own cooking school. His vision for the Academy was very clear. He wanted it to be warm and inviting yet state-of-the-art. He wanted the space to be unique, functional and comfortable giving customers the illusion they were cooking at home in someone’s kitchen.

It was the perfect venue choice for the first dinner as the focus of the event was NETWORKING!!! Rather, than a sit down dinner the amazing food was served at various tasting stations allowing for optimal opportunities to mingle with other guests.

The chef and his team designed a culinary masterpiece with butternut squash as the star ingredient. Check out a sample of the creative menu below:

Station One

Butternut Squash and Chive Foam Soup

Station Two

Butternut Squash and Sweet Pea Risotto with Maple Glazed Salmon

Station Three

Roasted Duck Breast with Butternut Squash Puree and Blueberry Jus

Station Four

Butternut Squash Crostini with Radish and Sprout Salad

The environment was warm and welcoming and a great place for students to meet each other from other schools but also to make connections with industry professionals from food service, public health and hospitality.

Check out the feedback from Ryerson CAFP members:

Attending the Cirillo’s dinner was a very great experience. The food was fantastic. Also, it was my pleasure to meet all the CAFP members from different branches. After the dinner, I realized that there are actually a lot of opportunities out there for people with a nutrition degree. It is definitely true that the more you are exposed to, the more options will open to you. – Vivian Ho

I thought this dinner was an awesome kick off to this 2012-2013 year. Getting to meet some of the other branch executives and discussing future CAFP collaborative events with them was a great opportunity. It was a great experience getting to know some of the food professionals and what they each have to offer. An evening full of networking and fun that will have me looking forward to more ! – Larisa Bodiu

It was my first time attending an event like this and it was pretty amazing. The aspect I liked the most was that if we weren’t comfortable introducing ourselves, the CAFP branch members were there to introduce us to others and totally made us feel at home. Also, the other CAFP members were all so friendly; it was like we’ve known them for a long time. They were so helpful by telling us their stories of how they got to where they are now.  It was interesting getting to know more about our options out in the workforce. The food was really good, and the place was beautiful. I loved everything about it. Totally worth paying for it : ) – Mojan

The Cirillo’s event was a great opportunity to network with professionals in many areas of the food industry and learn about the variety of career options out there.  I was able to connect with some recent graduates and current dietetic interns who shared their insights about the importance of networking with professionals at events such as this, and introduced me to their mentors as well.  And let’s not forget, the food was fabulous too! – Michelle Evans

I can’t wait for the next CAFP Dinner hosted by Guelph University at PJ’s on November 6!

–          Antonia Morganti

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Welcome Back!


Welcome Back! The 2012-13 CAFP Executive Team is excited to embark on a brand new year full of events, workshops and exclusive benefits for members.

The CAFP is a professional organization with a focus on providing opportunities for foodservice professionals to network, educate and share ideas. The organization has a strong focus on supporting and mentoring the next generation of food service professionals. Members come from a diverse background of careers such as industry executives, manufacturers, sales professionals, registered dietitians, government employees and chefs.

As a CAFP member you will gain insight and exposure to the exciting world of food service from industry professionals. CAFP Dinners are an amazing opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and learn about career paths in food service. Networking is an essential job-hunting skill and the CAFP Dinners are a great place to become more confident meeting new people and exchanging ideas in a professional setting. The Ryerson CAFP Branch also organizes countless events during the year to further expose you to the food service world such as kitchen and food manufacturing tours, industry speakers, volunteer events, nutrition campaigns and so much more!

An additional exclusive member benefit of joining Ryerson’s CAFP Branch is the ability to apply for numerous branch and national scholarships and bursaries. The CAFP recognizes student contribution to the food service industry by awarding the “managers-of-tomorrow” with financial awards to help them pursue their goals.

To join simply fill out the membership form and drop off in the NCU drop box in the Nutrition Office by October 14th. The early bird fee for new members is $35 and $30 for returning members. If you apply before the early bird deadline of September 28th you will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 2 tickets to the upcoming CAFP Dinner at Cirillos Culinary Academy on Oct 1.

Can’t wait to meet everyone! This year is going to be a blast!

– Antonia Morganti (Treasurer & Communications Team)

Download the form here: CAFP Ryerson Membership Form 2012

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CN Tower Tour

On Tuesday March 6th and Wednesday March 7th, CAFP Ryerson Members had the unparalleled opportunity of a lifetime to see a prospective of the inner workings in one of Canada’s biggest and most notable tourist attractions… The CN Tower.

Our tour began with an informational session conducted by Vinita Borrison. In this 30-minute session, we learned about the different departments at the CN Tower, the different event and catering functions and the range of activities to do while at the CN tower. These activities include the 4D interactive video ride, EDGEWALK, The Glass Floor, Observation Deck, and dining at any of the towers 3 world-class restaurants.


Following the informational session, students had the opportunity to meet the Executive Chef Peter George, who took us on an extensive tour of the prep kitchen at the foot of the tower. We learned about the value of vacuum packing, the importance of dating all products and preventing cross contamination.

We all then got into elevators and along with Executive Chef Peter George went up to tour the kitchens of both the 360 and Horizons Restaurants where we learned about heat conduction ovens and hood ovens.

Finally to conclude the tour we were given the opportunity to tour the wine cellar and view a $35,000 bottle of Koniak, and were offered a shoot…. for $900.00.

After the conclusion of the tour, we were given the opportunity to go and experience the glass floor and look out the observation before leaving.


As a CAFP Ryerson member, I feel that this event was a one of a kind opportunity which offered insights into the inner workings of a large, world-class operation; I was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Finally I would like to thank Executive Chef Peter George and Vinita Borrison Manager, Leisure and Travel Trade Sales for taking the time out of their days to give us this opportunity. We truly enjoyed it, and we hope to see you again next year.


Jilianne Hoffer, CAFP Hospitality Liaison 

For more photos, check out our Facebook page at

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CAFP CN Tower Tour

CAFP is taking YOU to the CN Tower!

This CN Tower visit will begin with a brief presentation on the CN Tower as a tourist attraction and event venue followed by a rare behind-the-scenes tour of 3 of their kitchens. During the tour, their Chef will highlight items such as health and safety in the kitchen, use of equipment and sourcing ingredients.  When this is done, you will be provided access to the Look Out and Glass Floor levels of the CN Tower! We will be offering the tour on two dates, but spots are limited so make sure to sign up early. We will let you know when the tour is full.


When: Tuesday March 6th & Wednesday March 7th, meet at base of CN Tower at 9:00 am, tour will end at 11:00 am – but you can stay longer to visit the glass floor, etc.
Cost: $10 (must be paid in advance to secure your spot)

1) Email
2) Select the date you wish to attend (March 6th or 7th) and tell us what it is
3) Place $10 in an envelope with your full name on it and “CAFP CN tower tour” and drop it in the NCU/CAFP drop box inside the School of Nutrition (KHS 349)
4) Deadline to drop-off your money will be Friday February 17th @ 4pm to secure your spot

Don’t miss out on this!

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this event, we will not be able to issue refunds for cancellations

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Garland Tour Review

On Nov 30, 2011, we went to Garland Canada in Mississauga. Garland is a company that specializes in making food service equipment. They produce everything from industrial size mixers to blast chillers and dishwashers. The Mississauga plant is a huge manufacturing facility that specializes in oven production. In my opinion, the Garland tour was the best event that CAFP Ryerson student branch had organized in 2011. It provided a great learning opportunity that directly relates to food service. As someone who is interested in working in the foodservice industry, knowing how suppliers of the industry operate is important for making the right purchasing decisions. The tour of the Garland manufacturing facility impressed me greatly.

So what is Garland’s business model? First of all, Garland’s mission is to produce quality products. They don’t offer every client the same product. Rather they reengineer the products to meet each client’s unique needs. So when clients come to Garland  with their individual requirements, Garland’s engineers come up with the right design. A demo is built based on the design and tested for its functionality. If it works perfectly, production follows. When we were touring the facility, the corporate chef leading the tour introduced us to the “graveyard”, and that is where all the failed demos go. We also visited the quality control room where the quality of the product is being tested. For example, one of the tests was to turn the oven on and off to see how many trials are needed for the product to stop working. The plant has many production lines that manufacture parts of the product, and the final product is assembled and tested at the end of the assembly line. The oven is then taken apart for shipping and a Garland engineer is sent for installation. The entire process speaks for quality, but with it also comes price. Garland food service equipment is not cheap; there are many less expensive alternatives in the market. Thus  as a foodservice professional, knowing your potential suppliers before making the decision is crucial for operation.

Thanks to CAFP Ryerson, our student members learned something very important.  – Brendon Pu Zhang, Newsletter Committee

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Garland Tour

Hello CAFP Ryerson,

Do you remember our interesting and fun tours of Kraft & the Christie Factory? Are you interested in learning more about Food Service Quality and Safety Equipment? This time, you’re in for a treat as CAFP Ryerson is heading to Garland Group, the Cooking Equipment Innovators. Founded in Detroit in 1864, the Garland Line started in a small foundry and has since grew and expanded to several locations throughout North America. Garland specializes in food service equipment. They make everything from industrial size mixers to blast chillers and dishwashers. If you would like to learn more about them, you can visit their website at This is great real-life exposure and perfect material for those awards applications! We will be taking attendance.

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