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CAFP Ryerson is part of a national association that provides opportunities for professionals and students to network, mentor and develop in the foodservice field.

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RECAP: Honey Bee Research Centre Tour

Last Monday, University of Guelph’s student branch of Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals hosted an educational event at The Honey Bee Research Centre. The tour was led by the research and apiary manager, Paul Kelly. He thoroughly explained the biology, the types and the role of bees in agriculture and ecosystem sustainability. Also, he demonstrated safe bee keeper procedures using specific equipment. Students got a close-up look at the different beehive components and learned how bee stings work. They also got the chance to taste honey straight from a honeycomb.

Students were able to purchase honey and wax candle products at the end of the tour. Donations could be made to the research centre to help find better ways to improve bee health. Overall, students felt the tour was informative and left them thinking about the importance of bees and the need to protect them.


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Event Recap: CAFP Meet and Greet

On September 26, 2017, CAFP Ryerson hosted their first event of the year, the Meet & Greet. Students from Nutrition and Hospitality Programs attended the event that provided information on the benefits of joining CAFP. Guest speakers spoke of their experiences with CAFP that lead them to where they are today. Students also learned of the amazing networking opportunities and bursaries provided through that CAFP has to offer.

Here’s what some of our speakers had to say:

“Being apart of CAFP gave me the opportunity to be a leader which helped with my applications for internships. If I were to give advice to anyone it would be to get involved as much as possible.” – Jeroselle Bulnadi, MPH candidate

“CAPF became apart of my professional and personal career. From the connections I made from CAFP I was able to get job opportunities.” – Audrius Valiulis

A big thank you to our sponsor BeeKeeper’s Naturals for their generous donations and Ram in the Rye for their catering services.


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Event Recap: CAFP Networking Event

Last Thursday night Ryerson University’s student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) hosted a networking event and their last event of the year. Several Registered Dietitians were there as well as professionals from the food service industry. The event gave the students the opportunity to network with four professionals, some of which were recruiting students for the summer. The format of the event was very casual where students and speakers could converse around the room while enjoying food and drinks. Students had the opportunity to engage with the speakers in small groups and find out more about their journeys and job opportunities in the field. In terms of building a career, Registered Dietitian Anisha Mahajan advised, “It is important to find out what inspires you and then proceed by pursuing that path.”

Attendees thought that the event was a well-organized networking opportunity that allowed for small group interactions and one-on-one conversations. The event was also sponsored by Greenhouse Juice Co. and Dufflet Pastries, who provided treats for students.

Overall the night was a successful way to wrap up the year. It was an amazing opportunity for student to network with professionals who were actively recruiting employees for their companies. Students had the opportunity to use the networking skills that they have been developing all year in order to make connections with industry professionals. The attendees made many great contacts and learned a bit more about various career paths, not only in dietetics.

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Recap: Food Photography Workshop

CAFP invited 4th-year photography student, Marie-Louise Moutafchieva to give a workshop on the basics of food photography.

Marie provided introductory information on shutter speed, the focus and ISO.  Specific to food photography, she said it is best to use natural light and make sure that the picture is not too busy especially if you want to showcase individual ingredients. The 3 most common shots of food are directly from above (people stand on chairs or the table to take these shots), at eye-level horizontally, and 3/4 angle from above. Students created their own sets around the Sears Atrium and took turns shooting photos from different angles using their cameras and smartphones. Marie-Louise’s last tip was to refrain from comparing your photographs with others since you never know how much experience they have accumulated. For inspiration, she likes to look at photos on Pinterest and she advises other students to do the same.

Students felt that the event had an interactive atmosphere so it felt like a workshop combined with an opportunity to socialize and connect with peers.

If you want to see Marie’s work, her website can be found here:—still-life.

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Recap: Dietitian’s Day

Last Thursday night Ryerson University’s student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) and Ryerson’s Nutrition Course Union hosted a networking event with a variety of Registered Dietitians in the GTA. The event gave the student the opportunity to network with nine dietitians who visited each table in order to answer questions and get to know the students better in an intimate setting. 
The nine speakers briefly described their journeys to get where they are today. All from very diverse backgrounds including food security, research, private practice and media. They also offered helpful advice to students and reassurance about the future. “Don’t be afraid to dream big,” said Linda McCharles, RD. After addressing the group, the speakers sat down with students for a more intimate, round-table discussion. Students had the opportunity to engage with the speakers one-on-one and find out more about their journeys, job opportunities in the field and specifics about each career path.
Charles Ko, event organizer, said “The setup was great, it allowed for students to get to know the dietitians and the dietitians had a lot of fun.” Karmen Young, event attendee said: “I thought the event was insightful, even at this time when a lot of us graduating students may be focusing on internship/masters applications.” Likewise, Aseel Masri, event attendee, said, “I loved hearing all of the different pathways you can take once a dietitian! It made me feel there was something for everyone and it changed my perspective on some career paths.”
Overall the night was a success and many great contacts were made. Students gained a better understanding of the wide variety of opportunities that are available to them. Students heard that staying true to their gut instincts and genuine interests would help them on the path to their dream job. Their dream job may not be the first job they receive but there is always opportunity to learn new skills that can be applied later. It was a great opportunity for students to discover the wide range of jobs that are out there for Ryerson’s future dietitians.

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Meet JoAnne Arcand

1. How did you end up in your chosen occupation?

After conducting many years of graduate and postdoctoral training, I knew that I was well suited to academia based on my interests and strengths in teaching and research. Positions in academia don’t come up very often, and one became available as I was finishing my postdoctoral fellowship. I applied and was successful. That was two years ago. My research expertise is in the clinical and public health aspects of nutrition and cardiovascular disease. When I was an undergraduate I worked as a research assistant in a cardiac rehab program. Because of this experience, I was assigned an internship research project in cardiology. My internship research project eventually expanded into a Master thesis, which then informed my PhD program that focused on nutrition in patients with chronic heart failure. Never underestimate how your early experiences can influence your future career!

2. Was that always the occupation you wanted to end up in?

Prior to my internship I wanted to be a clinical dietitian who worked with GI patients. I also loved cardiovascular research based on my summer work experiences as a Research Assistant at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. During internship this changed and I developed a great interest in critical care nutrition. After my internship I was fortunate to obtain a position in the ICU, which I stayed in for 3 years.

3. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your path to your current occupation?

Working in academia as a tenure-track Assistant Professor is demanding in both time and effort required; but it’s also very rewarding to watch one’s students excel or to see uptake of one’s research in clinical practice or policy. I also have opportunities to travel and collaborate with colleagues across the country and internationally, and the freedom to be creative and test interesting and important research questions. I did not expect to work in academia (far from it!). However, I had an open mind; was in tune with my strengths and interests; worked very hard; was persistent, creative, and innovative; and had excellent mentors who identified my potential and provided me with opportunities to succeed.

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Meet Michelle Jaelin

1. How did you end up in your chosen occupation?
“I became interested in food and health sometime during my first degree in Visual Arts. I landed a job as the Nutrition Team Leader at Health Education and Promotion in my last year at York University. That same year, I was inspired by the photojournalism book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio. Using my photography skills, I took my own photographs and used them in an exhibition for a nutrition wellness event called What Students Eat. Inspired by the buzz and dialogue generated from these photos on food and nutrition, I decided to pursue my passion to become a registered dietitian.”
2. Was that always the occupation you wanted to end up in
“Not at all. Growing up I initially wanted to be a fashion designer or a chef. Then I wanted to be teacher. I guess I was always drawn to creative fields!”
3. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your path to your current occupation?
“The path to pursue any dream is full of obstacles, roadblocks and failure that try to lead us down different directions – just like mine. But if you stay positive, focused and work hard on your ultimate goal, you will achieve it!”
Hear more from Michelle Jaelin at Dietitian’s Day next Thursday in the SCC. Register on ConnectRU:

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Recap: Chocolate Tour of 2016

Last Friday night Ryerson University’s student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) hosted a chocolate tour around the city of Toronto. The tour was led by a leader from Tasty Tours Toronto, a company that conducts food tours around the city. The event provided students a chance to learn about where to go for the best chocolate in the Six.
Students had the pleasure of meeting Chef Kaya Ogruce, winner of Chopped Canada in 2016 at one of their many stops. He came to Canada from Turkey to study chemical engineering and now is a successful chef and owner of Death in Venice Gelato Co.

Kristie Jang, event photographer and attendee, said “Kaya taught us that if you like something, just go for it. Even if it is not what you went to school for often there are ways to bridge careers. Even he finds ways to use engineering in his current culinary career.” Likewise, Jeroselle Bulanadi, Co-President of CAFP Ryerson and event attendee said: “I didn’t realize how many kinds of chocolate there are. It was interesting to get a chance to try them all and learn how they’re all made.”
A little bit of life advice and a little bit of tasting fun- the tour was a fun-filled afternoon of learning and exploring. Students left with smiles on their faces and bellies full of chocolate! Check out the Youtube video of the event here.

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It’s another exciting and eventful year here at CAFP Ryerson, and we want you to be apart of this journey with us! Hopefully you’ve attended the very first event we’ve hosted, if not don’t fret, because there’s many more coming!

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