CAFP Ryerson

CAFP Ryerson is part of a national association that provides opportunities for professionals and students to network, mentor and develop in the foodservice field.

About CAFP Ryerson

Hello and Welcome to CAFP Ryerson!We are the Ryerson University Student branch of CAFP (Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals), a nationwide organization that focuses on developing careers of those within the food service industry. We are managed by the students for the students! CAFP helps facilitate career development through a variety of seminars, events and workshops including: career nights, meet & greets, guest speaker seminars and networking dinners.

Nutrition, Hospitality, Public Health and other interested Ryerson students: don’t miss the opportunity to get ahead in your future career. CAFP Ryerson provides incredible opportunities for students to network with leaders in their field. Help launch your career and become a member today!

Becoming a member is easy. Simply fill out our online application form.


1. Industry Contacts & Career Prospects – Toronto branch CAFP events provide an opportunity for students to network with friendly industry professionals.

2. Student Financial Support – CAFP fundraises thousands of dollars in bursaries both at the national and branch levels to deserving students. Free tickets are offered to most branch events as well as the yearly conference.

3. Educational Events & Programs – Fun food workshops, cheap Food Handler’s Certification and innovative guest speakers await. Events on campus are often free, providing educational and networking opportunities.

4. Buddy System – Connects returning student members with our new student members who can feel more comfortable going with a buddy to some of our events.

5. Job Board – Student members get first-hand access to employment opportunities in their field from CAFP professionals who they may meet at the next branch event!

6. Credentialed Food Executive Program – Active CAFP student members have a jump start on obtaining CFE designation recognized by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council.

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