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CAFP Ryerson is part of a national association that provides opportunities for professionals and students to network, mentor and develop in the foodservice field.

RECAP: CAFP & DCBIN An Evening of Networking

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Last Tuesday night Ryerson University’s student branch of the Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals (CAFP) hosted a networking event with Dietitians of Canada Business and Industry Network. The event gave the students the opportunity to network with four Registered Dietitians: Elma Hrapovich (Halton Healthcare), Kate Cole (Nestle), Julie Park (Sysco) and Samara Foisy (Loblaws). Students had the opportunity to engage with the speakers in small groups and find out more about their journeys and job opportunities in the field.

Attendees thought that the event was a well-organized networking opportunity that allowed for small group interactions and one-on-one conversations. One first year nutrition student said, “I’m not too sure dietetics seems like the right path for me but it’s nice to know that there are other opportunities out there.” The event was also sponsored by Sysco, Nestle and Loblaws, who provided treats for students.

Overall the event was successful in informing students and sparking their interest about other areas of food and nutrition. Students had the opportunity to use the networking skills that they have been developing  in order to make connections with industry professionals. The attendees made many great contacts and learned a bit more about various career paths, not only in dietetics.


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Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals - Ryerson University Student Branch

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