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Recap: Food Photography Workshop

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CAFP invited 4th-year photography student, Marie-Louise Moutafchieva to give a workshop on the basics of food photography.

Marie provided introductory information on shutter speed, the focus and ISO.  Specific to food photography, she said it is best to use natural light and make sure that the picture is not too busy especially if you want to showcase individual ingredients. The 3 most common shots of food are directly from above (people stand on chairs or the table to take these shots), at eye-level horizontally, and 3/4 angle from above. Students created their own sets around the Sears Atrium and took turns shooting photos from different angles using their cameras and smartphones. Marie-Louise’s last tip was to refrain from comparing your photographs with others since you never know how much experience they have accumulated. For inspiration, she likes to look at photos on Pinterest and she advises other students to do the same.

Students felt that the event had an interactive atmosphere so it felt like a workshop combined with an opportunity to socialize and connect with peers.

If you want to see Marie’s work, her website can be found here:—still-life.


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